There are three site-specific works of art to indicate the three entrances to the Estate.
The Ca’ Corniani estate is defined by the beds of three rivers, which means that it can be accessed by land in only three places. So how could one signal to those approaching that they were entering it?
In 2017, with the launching of the Ca’ Corniani valorisation project, an international art contest was held and won by the Milanese artist Alberto Garutti. His are the works of art that will be used to welcome anyone willing to visit Ca’ Corniani.
The statues of dogs and horses, the same that live in one of the farms near the estate’s borders, will be the custodians of the Western threshold. A LED writing that lights up whenever a lightning bolt falls somewhere in Italy describes the panorama that will appear to those coming through the Eastern threshold. A majestic golden roof, symbolising the eminence of the place, will mark the Northern threshold.
Welcome to Ca’ Corniani.
Benvenuti a Ca’ Corniani.

Enjoy Ca' Corniani