Genagricola S.p.A. (“Genagricola”, the “Data Controller” or the “Company”) processes the personal data of its stakeholders (clients, employees, suppliers, fiduciaries, web navigators, etc. – herein after, jointly, the “Data Subjects”) in its capacity as autonomous controller of the process and within the context of the ordinary administration of the contracts under way, acquiring consent where necessary. Data processing for commercial purposes is performed by the Company only if expressly authorised by the Data Subjects involved.
Only the personal data actually necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes indicated above are processed, both on paper and with the aid of electronic means.

The Company acquires only the personal data strictly necessary for the accomplishment of the services requested or of the purposes for which they were collected after providing the relating information notice. Special attention is paid in the event of special personal data that are processed only if indispensable.
The Company processes the personal data using the necessary physical and IT safety measures in compliance with the provisions of the Regulation EU No. 679/2016 and the laws in force.
Once processing is completed, the Company complies with the obligation of storing the processed data and, lacking such an obligation or at the end of the mandatory obligation period, deletes them or anonymises them.

Some data may be indispensable and their lack may invalidate the management of the business relations. Such data shall be processed by our employees in their capacity as Assigned Processors. For some services we also use outsourcers who on our behalf perform technical, organizational and operational tasks in Italy or outside Italy. Personal data are never released unless under specific legal obligation.

Your personal data may be stored for varying periods of time depending on the purposes for which they were processed by the Company, in compliance with the privacy regulations applicable each time, and in particular: (i) for contractual purposes, for a period of 10 years starting from the expiry date of the contract or, in the event of disputes, for the period of limitation envisaged by the norms regarding the safeguard of the related rights, without prejudice in any case to the longer storage periods envisaged by specific sector norms; (ii) for commercial and profiling purposes, for the time necessary for achieving the aims for which they were collected or processed and, anyhow, for no longer than 24 months from the time of expiry of the contract, regardless of the reason for the expiry.

Every Data Subject is entitled to find out which data are being processed by the Company and, where the conditions are met, to exercise the various rights regarding their use (right of access, correction, update, addition, erasure, processing limitation, portability, revocation of consent for processing and right to obtain a copy of his/her personal data if they are stored in non-EU countries, as well as to obtain information regarding the location where such personal data are being stored or transferred to) as well as to object on legitimate grounds to a specific kind of processing and anyhow to their use for commercial purposes, all or in part also as regards the use of automated means, by contacting: Genagricola S.p.A., via Mons. P.L. Zovatto 71, 30020 Loncon di Annone Veneto (VE), Italia, Data Subjects may also contact the Company to ask for the list of subjects or categories of subjects to which the data are communicated or that may come into their possession in their capacity as Data Processors.

This is also to inform you that, should you deem the processing of your personal data not in compliance with the consents you have expressed, you may lodge a complaint with the Italian Supervisory Authority (‘Garante’) for the protection of personal data using the channels indicated on the website of said supervisory authority.

Genagricola pays the utmost attention to confidentiality, to the protection and security of the information in its possession, even more so when it consists in the personal data of the clients and subjects it comes into contact with or that it collects from users (“Users”).

This document contains the analysis of how the website is managed as regards the processing of the personal data of the data subjects navigating it. This document is an information notice regarding the processing of personal data pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of Regulation EU No. 679/2016 of 27 April 2016 (“Regulation”), provided to those who interact with the services offered by Genagricola via the Internet.


The information notice is given and applies only to the websites of Genagricola and not to any other websites that may be consulted via external links.


Any data subjects wishing to contact us or to consult us on an entirely optional basis, after reading the Information Notice, may send us only the data strictly necessary for sending the requests. The processing of such data does not require the consent by the data subjects because Genagricola will reply to requests deriving directly from them.

The navigation of our website only for consulting purposes does not envisage any request for personal data. However, we do use technology that implies the memorisation of several data relating to the tools used that can somehow be traceable to the navigator.


Here below is a description of the active and passive methods of collection of information of subjects/tools that interact with this website, as well as of the security measures implemented.


While navigating a website, it is technically possible, without the explicit registration of the Users and in absence of an active role, to collect information that, for this reason, is defined as ‘passive’. Further below is a description of how IP addresses, cookies and other session identifiers, Internet tags and navigation data are used, including the possibility of excluding them and the ensuing implications.


As regards the passive collection of information, the website:

  • does not process Internet Protocol addresses (so-called ‘IP addresses’) for the collection of information, but stores them in the navigation data;
  • uses navigation data only for statistical purposes as aggregate data;
  • uses Cookies and other own and third party (technical and profiling) session identifiers;
  • technical cookies are used in order to make navigation possible or to the extent strictly necessary for supplying a service requested by the User, in compliance with Directive 2002/58/EC, as implemented in the privacy regulations currently in force. The Users’ consent is not required for these purposes;
  • third party profiling cookies are used for statistical purposes – in anonymous and non-anonymous form – in order to provide Users with services in line with their preferences, as well as for commercial profiling activities. It is basically possible to disable the use of cookies in function of the browser being used. In this case, navigation is not as easy. Disabling may be performed via referencing to third party websites through links within the cookie policy of Generali or by changing the settings of the browser used:
    ▪ Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Internet Explorer


As regards the active collection of information – where envisaged – the following applies:

  • E-Mail: the data arrived via e-mail contact of the website are used exclusively to reply to the User’s requests. Such data are stored only for statistical purposes and to verify the existence of any previous accesses.
  • Registration: to be able to access specific services, the website envisages the acquisition of data via a specific form. Such information is used exclusively for replying to the sender’s requests or to provide the services requested, and for no other purposes.
  • Subject to consent, to analyse the products and services requested, also via automated processing, including profiling, with the aim of detecting the User’s behaviour and preferences and/or of improving the offer.


The websites of Genagricola use cookies and similar technologies to guarantee the correct functioning of the procedures and better User navigation experience and to perform profiling for commercial purposes.


This document provides detailed information about the use of the cookies and of similar technologies, about how they are used inside the websites of Genagricola and how they are managed.




Cookies are small text files (letters and/or numbers) containing packages of information that are stored on the computer or mobile device of the data subject whenever the subject visits a website using a browser. At the User’s next visits the browser sends these cookies back to the website that originated them or to another website. Cookies allow the websites to remember some information that allows the User to navigate online easily and quickly.

Cookies are used for various purposes, have different characteristics and can be used either by the owner of the website being visited or by third parties.



Type of cookie Purpose
Navigation or session cookies

These cookies are necessary to ensure the correct functioning of the website and the use of the services it contains. Without them, the website or portions of it may not function correctly.

This is why they are always used, regardless of the User’s preferences. This type of cookie is always sent from our domain.

The User has the right to remove these cookies via the settings of the browser he/she is using.


Service Description Examples
Session cookie Necessary for User navigation JSESSIONID


Permanent cookie Improves the User’s navigation experience by remembering the navigation options chosen by the User x4h.client



Type of cookie Purpose
Analytics cookies Cookies of this kind are used to collect information regarding website use, such as which pages are more frequently visited, for example. These cookies do not memorise any identification data of the visiting subjects but only aggregate data in anonymous format. This type of cookie is sent by our domain or by third party domains.


Service Description Examples Link
Google Analytics Storage of information on how visitors use our website, of details about visits to our website and which websites the visitors are coming from. _UTMA, _UTMB, _UTMC, _UTMT, _UTMZ,


Type of cookie Purpose
Cookies for integration of third party functions Cookies of this kind are used in relation to the use of functions present inside the website (e.g.: social network icons for the sharing of content, or use of services supplied by third parties).


Service Description Examples Link
Google Maps Storage of User preferences and navigation information




Facebook Storage of User preferences and navigation information ACT, CSM, DATR, FR Facebook information notice:
Facebook (configuration): access your account. Privacy section


Type of cookie Purpose
Third party profiling cookies Cookies of this kind are used to generate the display of ads personalised according to the User’s interest and behaviour.


Service Description Examples Link
Facebook Collection of information about navigation and preferences shown by the User during navigation
Google Adwords
Light Reaction
BlueKai DMP


It is also possible to read more about cookies and on how to manage them by visiting the websites and

N.B.: Third party cookies may change name and/or increase or decrease in number at any time and without notice by the third party supplier.



The User is not obligated to provide his/her personal data.

The User navigating the websites of Generali Italia gives his/her consent to the transfer of the data via cookies by performing any one of the following actions:

  • by clicking on the OK button inside the banner;
  • by closing the banner by clicking on the specific ‘X’ button;
  • by clicking on any other point of the page;
  • by scrolling the page.


The User always has the right to revoke his/her consent by clicking on the links listed in the table above.


The User can set his/her browser in such a way as to receive a warning about the presence of a cookie and therefore decide whether to accept or refuse it. The User may also eliminate these cookies via the functions supplied by each browser for accessing the Internet.

In Internet Explorer, for example, via the menu Tools->Internet options->Privacy, the User can access a control panel where he/she can define his/her choice of accepting or not the various types of cookies and proceed with their removal.

In addition to using the tools supplied by the browsers for enabling or disabling the various cookies, please be informed that the website shows a list of the main providers working with the website managers to collect and use information useful in behavioural targeting. You can disable or enable all of the companies, or as an alternative you can set your preferences singly for each company. To do this, you can use the tool found on page to check your preferences regarding behavioural targeting.



Cookies may be stored for various periods of time according to the purposes for which they are processed by the Company, or by third parties, in compliance with the privacy norms applicable each time. First party cookies have a 24 month validity period. The storage period of third party cookies, instead, is indicated by the third parties in their websites, accessible via the dedicated links listed in the table and/or by consulting the websites and