The entire estate of Ca’ Corniani is currently the focus of development plans that embrace agriculture, art and culture. The estate dates back to 1851 and is today a large multi-purpose hub, thanks to the creation of a network of excursions, a series of landscaping projects, and the conversion of buildings into museums.

Work carried out

The following work has been carried out in the 1,770 hectares that comprise Ca’ Corniani:

  • 10 kilometres of cycle and pedestrian paths built on the estate (out of a project total of 32)
  • 4.5 kilometres of pollinator strips to encourage bee activity
  • 30,000 new trees and shrubs planted
  • 3 rest areas for visitors and panoramic viewing points throughout the estate
  • 3 monumental works of art marking the entrances to the estate
  • 12 summer events

Events planned for the summer include theatrical performances and films in the open air, photo exhibitions, and multimedia installations.

The “Tre Soglie”, the three thresholds

A series of sculptures depicting dogs and horses sited in one of the fields.
LED writing that lights up every time lightning strikes somewhere in Italy.
A huge golden roof for the now disused farmhouse.


There are the three site-specific installations by the artist Alberto Garutti that won the Art Competition for the Three Thresholds.

These three works of art mark and interpret the three entrances to Ca’ Corniani, symbolic borders of a place that is always “open” and accessible to visitors.

Art and agriculture together to trigger a process of attention and sharing of a place that goes beyond any geographical value, that raises community awareness and that will grow in years to come and bear fruit.
Culture will be the new state of the art of agriculture.